The First Trilogy

Discussions about the first three mainstream Starfist novels, First to Fight, School of Fire, and Steel Gauntlet

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  • SF01: First to Fight
    The Marines of 34th FIST (Fleet Initial Strike Team) go on a peace-keeping mission to Elneal, a world rich with mining and teeming with fierce tribesmen. Eight Marines get stranded without communications and are presumed lost while on a routine patrol.
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  • SF02: School of Fire
    The Marines of 34th FIST head for Wanderjahr to train the local armed forces who are losing a counterinsurgency war. But who are the bad guys really? Wanderjahr's planetary evolution is at a stage analogous to Earth's Cretaceous Period.
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  • SF03: Steel Gauntlet
    The first two novels in the series followed the Marines of 34th FIST on small unit actions. This one has them involved in a brief but large and bloody war -- against armor. The fighting produces greater losses than we have yet seen the FIST experience.
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