The Second Trilogy

Discussions about the second three mainstream Starfist novels, Blood Contact, Technokill, and Hangfire .

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  • SF04: Blood Contact
    In this novel we are introduced to several new characters -- necessary after STEEL GAUNTLET -- and the return of a couple of characters who appeared in earlier books then disappeared, along with a major and startling new development. H. Sapiens has been traveling the spaceways for some three centuries at the time of the series, and never encountered any alien life much more intelligent than the dog. Then third platoon, Company L, 34th FIST is deployed to find out why the scientific mission set up to determine whether the planet officially known as Society 437 is worthwhile for human colonization hasn't been making its routine reports. What the Marines find is, the entire thousand person mission was horribly wiped out by someone -- or something -- unknown. Then they find out that someone is still there, and intent on killing any humans who land on Society 437.
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  • SF05: Technokill
    The Marines of Company L, 34th FIST are sent to deal with a situation where some people who are dealing illegal weapons with folks who aren't supposed to have them. The folks receiving the weapons are members of another alien sentience (the second after the Skinks), who are at least a millenium behind humanity in technological development. The Marines are supposed to avoid contact with the aliens, remove the humans dealing technology to them, and (while avoiding contact) remove the technology from the aliens. Company L isn't sent to fight the aliens, they're sent to protect them.
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  • SF06: Hangfire
    Three Marines of third platoon, Company L, 34th FIST, are sent on a secret mission to the mob-controlled resort world of Havanagas. Lance Corporals Claypoole and Dean, under the command of Corporal Pasquin, are to get the proof that law enforcement agents haven't been able to get to proove the mob control so the gangsters can be brought to justice. In other business, Brigadier Sturgeon goes to Marine Corps Headquarters on Earth to find out why his FIST is no longer experiencing normal personnel rotations, a pre-technological sentience on an only partially explored world is visited by the "Skinks" from Blood Contact, and the Skinks invade Kingdom, a human occupied world.
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