The Third Trilogy

Discussions about the third three mainstream Starfist novels, Kingdom's Swords, Kingdom's Fury, and Lazarus Rising.

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  • SF07: Kingdom's Swords
    In the previous novel, Hangfire, we learned that the Skinks had invaded Kingdom, a theocracy-based world. In Kingdom's Swords, the Marines of 34th FIST are deployed to Kingdom in order to put down what miscommunications and pure bureaucratic bungling has mistakenly identified as a peasant rebellion. So the Skinks catch them by surprise. This time the Skinks have a new weapon of devastating power. In other news, a problem everybody thought was already resolved comes back to bite a beloved member of company L.
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  • SF08: Kingdom's Fury
    Kingdom's Fury is the story of what happened after 34th FIST is reinforced by 26th FIST. Brigadier Sturgeon, as the senior commander, is given operational command of "Marine Forces Kingdom." The Marines go off the defensive with 26th FIST sending out platoon-size patrols to get them into the action, and there's plenty of that -- especially after the navy figures out what the Skinks' new, devastating weapon is. Then the navy works out, not how to defeat it, but how to warn the Marines when it's about to be used. Then, using combined arms, they begin destroying the weapons and take the battle to the Skinks, eventually driving them off-world. This book contains the first space battles in the Starfist series. While all this is going on, the leader of Kingdom's secret police takes advantage of the distraction caused by the mounting combat to overthrow the theocracy and establish his own fascist government.
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  • SF09: Lazarus Rising
    In Kingdom's Fury we learned with great sorrow of the apparent death of Gunnery Sergeant Bass. In this new novel we discover that tales of his death were very much exaggerated, as Bass falls in love with a woman whose father has taken him in after the Skinks released him from slave labor, and proceeds to act as a one-man FIST in helping to overthrow the new fascist government of Kingdom.
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