The Fifth Trilogy

Discussions about the fifth three mainstream Starfist novels, Wings of Hell, Double Jeopardy, ...and beyond...

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  • SF13: Wings of Hell
    Intelligence reports from the Force Recon detachment sent to Haulover confirm that the Skinks are behind the mysterious destruction of outlying homesteads and the disappearance of their people. Force Recon initially estimates that the Skinks are present in corps strength. General Anders Aguinaldo, formerly Commandant of the Confederation Marine Corps, now commander of the anti-Skink task force, deploys a corps to deal with them, and soon after deploys a second corps. Each corps consists of four Army divisions and two Marine FISTS. The Navy contributes four aircraft carriers to the operation. It's a big operation. Big enough that Aguinaldo goes to Haulover himself to run it. The largest operation yet documented in the Starfist Universe.
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  • SF14: Double Jeopardy
    Who else but the legendary Thirty-fourth FIST has the skills and experience to spearhead the invasion of the Skinks' home world? But in the meantime, there's a report of Skinks on the uncolonized world of Ishtar near a mercenary force engaged in slave-driven mining operations there — which means that the 34th FIST must turn around and head right back into the jaws of hell with no downtime. The Marines will find a planet ripped apart by all-out war, with enemies on all sides. The only certainty is that the fighting will rage red-hot and relentless, and Charlie Bass and his men will be right in the thick of the action.
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